pdf GDE Policy Delimitation of Feeder Zones for Schools 20180918 web (1.79 MB) The GDE published the Feeder Zone Maps on 15 November 2018

Download the Gauteng Feeder Zone notice:   pdf Gauteng Feeder Zones (713 KB)

The Provincial Notice consists of two schedules:

Schedule 1: list of public ordinary schools where the feeder zone has been determined.

Schedule 2: Appeal form

NB. The email address for the submission of appeals is incorrect.
Please refer to the message from the GDE:    pdf Feeder Zones email address (184 KB)


To locate your school's feeder zone, follow the steps set out below

Step 1

Click on the link below:



Step 2

The page that opens lists the districts in Gauteng

Click on the name of your district


Step 3

The page that opens lists the schools in that district

Click on the name of your school and download the feeder zone map or view the map online



Download the GDE Determination of Feeder Zones for Schools

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