Many members have contacted the Gauteng office asking whether their learners should write common examinations/do common tasks.

Members are reminded that GDE Examination Instruction  7 of 2016  has been withdrawn and that Assessment Guideline 4 / 2015 is the official document for the implementation and management of common assessments and examinations for June / November 2016 to 2018.

Members are also reminded that provincial and national common tasks (grade 3) and exams (grades 6, 9, 10 and 11) are not to be regarded as additional tasks or exams. These are assessment tasks and exams that are stipulated in the relevant NCS-CAPS documents.  Instead of teachers setting their own tasks or exams in these subjects (see Assessment Guideline 4 of 2015 for list of subjects), examiners appointed by the GDE and the DBE have set the tasks or exams and, in terms of the agreement in the Provincial ELRC, these common tasks and exams will be written in June and November until 2018. District common papers are not compulsory.


Download : pdf GDE Withdrawal of Exam Instruction 7 of 2016 (119 KB)

Download : pdf GDE Assessment Guideline 4 of 2015 (1.48 MB)

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