GDE Circular 06/2016:  Naming and renaming of a school and the choosing of a motto and emblem

Circular 06/2016 (dated 26 April 2016) provides criteria for consideration when naming a school, choosing a motto and the emblem.  It also sets out procedures that should be followed in the approval of a school name, the changing of it, choosing a motto and the emblem, as well as changing of a motto and/or emblem.

To download the Circular 6 of 2016, click here



GDE Circular 07/2016:  Changing the name of a school, the emblem and/or motto that is considered derogatory and offensive

The purpose of GDE Circular 07/2016 (dated 29 April 2014) is to provide governing bodies and principals of schools with the criteria to review their school name, motto and/or emblem where these are considered to be derogatory and offensive

To download Circular 7 of 2016 click here

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