Dear NAPTOSA member,


  1. NAPTOSA wishes to do an audit of school infrastructure in the various provinces to enable engagement with the Department of Basic Education from an informed basis in order to enhance school safety and school environments.
  2. For this purpose we need the assistance of members to do an assessment of various infrastructure elements in their respective schools.
  3. It is accepted that members are not infrastructure experts. The audit therefore covers broad infrastructure areas on which members will be required to express a view, as perceived.
  4. The audit will be anonymous. The only information required will be an indication of the province and the name of the school, which information will not be used to match names of members to schools.
  5. Attached is a template to be utilized for the purpose of the audit. The template is structured in such a manner that participants only need to tick a value with regard to each of the infrastructure elements and sub elements (where applicable).
  6. For applicable elements/ sub elements a six (6) point scale is provided, with-
  • 1 = Very poor
  • 6= Very good

Please tick the relevant value box for each of the elements/ sub elements.

  1. Some of the elements/ sub elements might be non-existent at, or not applicable to, a specific school. If so, please tick the relevant box provided for these scenarios.
  2. Your assistance in completing the template is highly valued.

  document Click here (16 KB) to download the audit tool in word.

  pdf Click here (53 KB) to download the audit tool in PDF